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Self-esteem – How To Improve Self-efficacy

Bandura’s concept of self-efficacy is about one’s beliefs about one’s capability to perform specific tasks, independent of the value attached to that act. Self-efficacy has 4 main sources of influence:

1. The most effective way of creating a strong sense of efficacy is through experiences of mastery coming from achieved successes, which build a robust belief in one’s personal efficacy, especially if experiencing overcoming obstacles through persistent effort. This builds a belief that we have what it takes to succeed. Experiencing failures undermine it, especially if they occur before a firm sense of efficacy is established. However, it is important to experience setbacks and difficulties since they teach us that success often requires sustained effort.

2. The second influencer is social models. Seeing people similar to oneself succeed by sustained effort raises our beliefs that we too possess the capabilities to master similar activities. Social models work both by:

1) Setting a social standard against which we can judge our own capabilities

2) Being proficient models who possess the necessary competencies shown by behavior and thinking which transmit knowledge and teach effective skills and strategies

The other 2 sources of how you can improve your self-efficacy will be posted next week.

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