The Life Wheel Exercise For Finding Your Priorities

Today we will start looking forward to whom you would like to become and the life you desire to live. After completing these exercises, we will look at how you can use your previous work with the problem list and timeline and incorporate them to ensure you get the right weights and prioritization to the […]

What Is A Feeling & Why Do We Need Them To Survive

Feelings are very important since they are central both to human identity and to the experience of self. Feelings are also important messengers and guides of needs and desires, both for the individual and for relationships through communication among humans. Still, there is not a shared definition of feelings. The Tomkins Institute helps us with […]

Make Technology Less Stressful By Having Routines

In my daily work with people who have sought help for problems with stress and fatigue, I have been able to distinguish 3 building blocks in stress management: 1) Regulate your stress level, se techniques in earlier post 2) Handle stress sources 3) Use stress management habits Today’s post continues with the stress source technology. […]

How Early Experiences Can Impact Our Health Today

To identify a meaningful and motivating future direction, it is helpful to know your starting point including your past. The timeline, see earlier posts on Mondays, can bring much clarity to why you feel the way you do right now, why you are where you are today as well as what has to change to […]