How Gratitude Can Strengthen Your Self-Esteem

Today I continue with techniques for how you directly can improve your self-esteem through getting to know yourself. One important step is to write a daily diary about: – what you stand for -what matters to you -what you are experiencing, thinking and feeling -3 things that you have done well every day and which […]

A Summary Of The Characteristics Of The 4 Adult Relationship Patterns

Our relationship pattern and the ability to take care of and calm our emotions are interconnected. This connection is to a large extent based on childhood experiences which also impacts our expectations of to what degree we can depend on and get help from others. These expectations are also connected to beliefs about our self-worth. […]

Boost Self-esteem By This Writing Assignment

In the coming Friday posts I will go through some techniques for how to more directly improve self-esteem. Today’s post is about the importance to get to know yourself. This starts with introspection to figure out what you are about: what is important to you, what drives you and brings happiness in your life. One […]