About Healthy Habits:   1 The importance of rest and celebration Stress is a common cause for both physical and mental health issues. The inbox of life never empties. We are able to reach out and be reached at almost any time. At the same time, it is human nature and often makes sense to […]


Feelings 1 Why feelings Feelings are innate with the purpose to be our best compass needles describing to us how we are doing and what we need/do not need. They can also be exaggerated when based on a somewhat distorted perspective of reality – such as fear in phobias. Many of us benefit from paying […]


Life goals 1 Affirmations Before diving into the possible changes you would like to make and new directions you would like to explore, I suggest you reflect over and honour yourself for what you already have accomplished over the last period and who you have become during the last year or two since this will […]


Self-esteem 1 The importance of self-affirmations Research has shown that positive self-affirmations – if not too unrealistic – actually work, reducing negative effects of stress and improving performance! So try to find at least 10 positive traits that describe you. For many this is surprisingly difficult, 3 is normal to be able to come up […]


Mindfulness   1 What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is often described as the ability to be attentive to the present moment as it unfolds in a curious, non-judgmental and accepting manner. Use one minute to explore what you see around you: which colours, nuances, surfaces etc. Then alternate to describe the content of your thoughts: “Right […]


Stress   1 Benefits of stress To be able to assist with stress management, we first need a common basis of understanding. The body needs stress to function, to perform but also for survival. The system in the body that is the most responsible for speeding up the system is the sympathetic nerve system, one […]


About burn-out/exhaustion
1. What is exhaustion? If stress is not dealt with, one can end up with more severe stress damages, even repairable brain damages, that can eventually lead to exhaustion disorder, or more popularly called burnout, which is a a prolonged response to chronic stressors often related to work. There is so far no agreed international […]