I am a Swedish licensed psychologist, psychotherapist & specialist in all 3 major therapeutic treatment methods:

Cognitive behavioral psychotherapy, CBT – focusing on the importance of thoughts, feelings and behavior to impact well-being

Interpersonal psychotherapy, IPT – focusing on how to improve well-being by understanding how relationships impacts life quality and well-being as well as how to get support from and influence close relationships to deepen relationships and improve mental health

Psycho-dynamic psychotherapy, PDT – focusing on the importance of early life experiences and relationships, and the corresponding influence on current self image, deep internal processes, well-being and relational patterns

I also have expensive experience from business life as a MBA in Business and Administration working within organisational- and leadership development.



I continuously follow research and developments within the different treatment methods.

I have a special interest in the importance of attachment – early emotional experiences with caregivers and close family and how these experiences influence bonds between human beings but also potentially can be the start of more serious psychological problems.

I am also very interested in the importance of emotions in psychological well-being.

Another area of interest is positive psychology – how to use psychology to enhance life quality also when already having good mental health/absence of interfering psychological problems.