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Self-esteem: How to achieve resolutions by finding time for them (1 minute read)

This post “Self-esteem: How to achieve resolutions by finding time for them” resumes on how you can increase your self-esteem.

Many of us have now made new year’s resolutions. Here is an inspirational quote to trigger reflective thought:

“You will never find time for anything. If you want time you must make it.”  Charles Buxton

When something is really important to you, you make time for it – or at least you will have to force yourself to make time for it.

For changes that require activity, it is often successful to start by just using 30 minutes a day. In a year, you will have used 182 hours working towards that dream. That corresponds to more than a whole month of full-time work.

The sooner in the day you have these 30 minutes the better. The best is to go to bed and wake up 30 minutes earlier if possible. You will most likely feel better about yourself and your change effort. It also decreases the risk of forgetting your goal or procrastinating the time away.

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Self-esteem: How to achieve resolutions by finding time for them
Self-esteem: How to achieve resolutions by finding time for them

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