5 More Ideas Of How To Improve Your Self-Esteem Today

Self-esteem is your opinion of yourself and your abilities. Low self-esteem can leave you feeling insecure and unmotivated. There are direct ways to improve self-esteem. Here are 5 suggestions from https://au.reachout.com/articles/10-tips-for-improving-your-self-esteem of how: 6. Focus on what you can change, not on all the things that are out of your control 7. Do what makes you […]

The Last 4 Habits of 7 To Experience More Happiness

Positive psychology is a direction within psychology that focuses on how we can stimulate the presence and frequency of positive emotions, such as curiosity, excitement, pleasurable tranquility, harmony, joy as well as nurture and develop the inner potentials and strengths that each of us have. Last post was about Seligman’s first 3 of 7 habits of […]

Characterstics of Flow Activities That Can Improve Your Wellbeing

The last Sunday posts have been about flow, according to the founder of the concept the psychology professor Cziksentmihalyi: “…a state in which people are so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter; the experience is so enjoyable that people will continue to do it even at great cost, for the sheer […]

Anxiety – What to do with Unproductive Thoughts Part 2

This post continues on what to do during the worry hour, more specifically what to do with unproductive themes/topics, see earlier posts. You can choose among several strategies: 1. If stressed, calm yourself by pointing out that the thoughts are likely consequences of stress and hence see the worry-theme as a mainly stress symptoms and […]

Reflections, rest and celebration: Happiness

There has been much research into the field of happiness since it is close connected to perceived wellbeing. Professor Sonja Lyubomirsky, a renowned researcher within the field of happiness, claims that 40% of happiness can be influenced by the mind of a person! Her main points are to include more of the following dimensions in […]

Self-esteem: The Importance of Lust Driven Activities

Another way of reconnecting to yourself and find your inner motivation and drive is adding activities that you miss or are interested in. Our own stories about ourselves are a part of self-esteem/self-worth. These stories are partly constructed by what we cherish and do with our time. Research has shown that when you validate yourself, […]

Anxiety: Worry Hour Part 2

This post continues on what to do during the worry hour that was introduced in last week’s post. Worry hour is a tool to handle anxiety and rumination, but also when stuck in unproductive problem solving, mourning a loss etc. by reducing the time spent on nonurgent unproductive or hurtful thoughts to maximum one scheduled […]

Stress: Exercise is Key

You have heard it before, but one of the absolute best way of handling stress short and long run in addition to recovery activities, see last week’s post, is exercise. Research has shown that both aerobic exercises, like walking, running, swimming and biking, and building muscles, as in strength training but also work around the […]