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Self-esteem: The Importance of Lust Driven Activities

Another way of reconnecting to yourself and find your inner motivation and drive is adding activities that you miss or are interested in. Our own stories about ourselves are a part of self-esteem/self-worth. These stories are partly constructed by what we cherish and do with our time.

Research has shown that when you validate yourself, also by doing activities that reminds you of who you are, have powerful consequences for your wellbeing. It can increase felt happiness, boost creativity, lessen boredom, reduce anxiety, worry, stress and the heart rate as well as help the brain recover.

The importance of lust driven activity (part of the B in CBT) is well proven to reduce depressive symptoms as well as a way of finding your inner core. Alas, in a harmonious and satisfying life, it is important to get enjoyment in the here and now as our lives pass us by.

This week’s challenge: Do not wait to live in the future, see if you can add at least 15 minutes of a daily hobby, activity or interest already today. This can be activities that you have dreamt of but never started at, but also what you enjoyed when you were young.

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