Here continues a summary of my posts on how to recover as quickly as possible from more serious stress and exhaustion symptoms. As mentioned earlier, in my daily work with people who have sought help for stress and exhaustion problems, I have been able to distinguish 3 building blocks of stress management: 1. Adjust your […]

Finding The Right Activity Level For Exhausted

Today’s post is about the importance of finding the right stimulus level for exhausted persons. The main focus for exhausted persons needs to be on healingtm the related stress-injuries through sleep and rest. However, it is important for mood, self-image and psychological well-being to as soon as possible, i.e. when the energy level is sufficient, […]

How To Heal Stress Injuries When Thriving On Performance

The post of last week was about personal dimensions that can drive over-activity, such as to what extent one is driven by the desire to perform. There is a lot of research that shows the connection between exhaustion and performance-driven identity. To the performance-driven with stress-injures, my advice is to try to keep the amount […]