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How to handle stressful, worrisome & anxiety provoking thoughts (1 minute read)

How to handle stressful, worrisome & anxiety provoking thoughts (1 minute read)

This post “How to handle stressful, worrisome & anxiety provoking thoughts” continues on what to do during the worry hour, more specifically what to do with unproductive themes/topics.

Unproductive topics are those that you have very little control over or which are very unlikely. You can choose among several strategies, see earlier posts.

I will make a brief summary in this and upcoming posts under the heading Anxiety:

If stressed, calm yourself by pointing out that the thoughts are likely consequences of stress and hence see the worry-theme as a mainly stress symptoms and not as real concerns.

Instead of entering into the thoughts, let them pass by as clouds in the sky.

You can also try to revert to for example mindfulness techniques, see separate posts under the heading Mindfulness, while focusing on your breathing, take a walk or distract yourself with an activity that demands your full attention.

See more stress management techniques posted under the heading Stress.

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