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Stress management: 2d building block part 2 – minimize stress sources

There are 3 important building blocks of stress management:
1) regulate you stress level, se techniques in earlier post
2) handle stress sources and
3) use stress management habits.

The second building block, handle your stress sources, is about 2 main components:
1) secure sufficient recovery
2) minimize stress sources or their intensity as well as the amount of new stress that is added per time unit.

The last post focused on the first of these two components. With regard to the second component, there are many different parts. The absolute first one is to get your relatives and close ones to realize that you have a stress problem and that they cannot take your participation for granted, but based on your state. It is important to find a way to communicate your stress level and tiredness level, dor example use the stress and tiredness scales from earlier posts since persons with stress tend to have an extremely well-developed poker face.

It is even common not realizing own stress level until diagnosed with a stress evoked somatic symptoms like ringing in the ears, headaches, dizziness, panic attacks, etc. Of course, symptoms like these can have other causes that first have to be excluded by medical staff. Other important dimensions in your free time are:
I) Activities:
1. Plan ahead:
– Problem solve together
– Prepare bags, clothes, meals the day before
– Schedule recurrent activities/questions/shores and make to-do-lists to minimise amount of problem solving and thinking
– Get more help and use short cuts for meals
2. Reevaluate division of labour at home: schedule how often, who and when
3. Handle usage of social medias – minimize which, when and how long if stressful
II) Relationships:
1. Take control over interactions with your social network: how often, how, when and how long
2. Talk to your close ones about your situation, needs and wishes
3. Guard boundaries: Say no/maybe immediately, only yes after delay
III) Identity:
1. Reevaluate ‘good enough’ – 80/20-rule
2. Expand your self image: your are not only events – who are you when not performing/producing

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