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Mindfulness – The Breathing Anchor Part 2

Here comes the third part of the breathing anchor, an exercise using the breath as an anchoring point since our breath is always with us and hence can be used to anchor us in the present moment. This is a seated exercise of in total 5-10 minutes depending on pauses/pace:

… Breathe in and breathe out. Follow the air all the way in and all the way out, being mindfully present in moment by moment through your breath. If your mind wanders away from your breath, just notice without judging it – be it a thought, emotion, or sensation that catches your attention. Instead gently guide your awareness back to your breathing.

By observing when your attention has started to wander and bringing it back to your breath, you exercise your ability to concentrate and to be here and now in the present moment.

Focus your attention on your breathing again – how it feels all over in your body from the start – how it feels – all the way in – a little break, can you feel it – and all the way out…

Intensive sensations may appear that makes it difficult to control awareness. You might become distracted by pain or discomfort in the body or itching sensations that draw your attention away from the breath.

Then you can instead draw your attention to that, explore how it looks in detail: how it may change or move in your body – do not think about how it feels, do not change it, but allow yourself to feel what’s already there to feel … maybe breathe in through that area and out of it, and notice what happens, breath after breath.

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