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Reflection Questions To Analyze Progress and Identify Important Adjustments

This post continues on possible problems, bumps in the road, that can occur and how to try to avoid them when you have started to take your identified actions to move in your desired direction.
Last week was about the critical importance of a fixed time of the week AND the month – potentially Sunday morning as well as the first day of each month for evaluating your goals, related activities and progress made.
Some essential questions that you can ask yourself during this reflection hour are:
Am I making progress?:
– What changes have been made?
– What am I doing differently now?
– Are my measures heading in the right direction?
– Am I on track timewise?
What else can I do to reach my goal – i.e. focus areas this coming week, more specifically – What shall I:
-Start doing
-Do more of
-Do less of
-Stop doing
What are the 3 most common obstacles, if any, hindering me from obtaining my goals, i.e. making me feel, think and behave in a way that is not supportive of my valued goals?
What can I do differently to avoid or handle these obstacles?
What can I do instead that makes the obstacles less likely to occur?
How motivated am I to achieve these goals – are they relevant and have the right focus, or should I revise the goals?
Is the time plan realistic or have circumstances occurred that makes it necessary to adjust my plan?
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