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Life goals: The Life Wheel in Two Dimensions

Last week we started with the life wheel, an illustrative tool used in coaching to identify the areas in your life you would like to change, your dimensions, as well as a list of 10 possible dimensions you could consider to be drawn on a dartboard-like illustration with 10 circle areas, see illustration.

The scale goes from the bull’s eye = 0 = lowest score possible: you give your life in this dimension no single point/grade, i.e. this lacks completely in your life and/or is totally unsatisfactory, to 10 = top score: Your life is completely as you would like it to be in this dimension.

1. Now assign each dimension you choose to a slice and give each of the dimensions you chose 2 ratings on scale 1 to 10, the first score shows where you are today and the second score where you would like to be, your future goal.

2. Then shade the area from the centre of the circle up to the score each area gets today, see illustration.

3. Then mark with a thick pen the number where you aimed/ideal level is on each dimension. The reason that I have made this addition to this exercise is that all dimensions might not be that important right now in your current life. For example, you might rate yourself high on career, i.e. an 8, but lower for the ideal level right now, a 5, if you just have given birth to a child and intend to stay at home for a long while – hence not a dimension you would like to focus on/prioritize at this point in time of your life.

4. Then look at the gaps. Choose 2-3 focus areas/dimensions based on level of importance, i.e. those dimensions with the in absolute terms highest ideal ratings AND the biggest gap from where you are today.

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