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Increase self-esteem by lessening shame using self-compassion (1 minute read)

Here, the post “Increase self-esteem by lessening shame using self-compassion” continues with how you can increase your self-esteem by understanding your feelings.


Increase self-esteem by lessening shame using self-compassion:

This post continues with how to manage disproportionate and painful shame.

One of the treatment methods for painful shame is Compassion Focused Therapy developed by the British psychologist Paul Gilbert. This therapy emphasizes the importance of using compassion for oneself, close ones and strangers. These kinds of compassion relieve intrusive feelings of shame and self-criticism with the aim to live a healthy and happy life.

This kind of therapy is beneficial when one is questioning oneself due to self-contempt and shame. Common experiences that can lead to these problems include traumatic childhood events. Examples of this are alcoholism, neglect, abuse, not talking about or validating feelings, some feelings are treated as being forbidden etc.

This in turn create central threats and fears, such as not feeling valuable, feeling ashamed and left out, feeling isolated.

More about shame and what to do about it in upcoming posts.

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Increase self-esteem by lessening shame using self-compassion
Increase self-esteem by lessening shame using self-compassion

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