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Stress: 3d Building Block: Use Stress Management Habits

This post is about the third of the 3 important building blocks of stress management: 1) regulate you stress level 2) handle stress sources and 3) use stress management habits.

Stress Management Habits:

1) Stress-proof your daily life

1 Use the stress-scale, see separate post under stress on

2 Identify early warning signs such as alterations in your sleeping pattern such as waking up too early and/or difficulty going back to sleep, sensory alterations such as headaches, ringing in the ears, increased sensitivity to sounds, stimuli etc

3 Use worryhour/problem solving hour, see separate session under anxiety on

2) Recover your brain and body:

1 Ensure healthy sleep routines: technique free unwinding, ensure quality and length of sleep, see separate post under stress on

2 Make time for recovery/unwinding daily, weekly and monthly:

I Make sure to schedule compensatory rest in between intense activities at work as well as directly after work

II Have activity free evenings every second evening

III Work from home Wednesdays to ensure midweek recovery and one free day in the weekend or when you are off where the focus is on complete rest/recovery as much as possible, even if it means lowering home chore standards and asking for help

IV Take long weekends off every quarter and try to get 3 weeks summer vacation
More about stress management habits next week.

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