Healthy Routines | Life goals

Identify your problems and goals to live the life you want

Monday – Life goals: Now we have first during several sessions uncovered the way behind you that contributed to and affected the symptoms and related problems you have today as well as gone through how to create goals that are SMART to help you set and achieve motivating goals which can kick-start you towards your desired direction. Hence, it’s time to start looking at what you want to change to feel better and to live the life you want.

After reflecting over what earlier exercises have generated, you can start by writing down:
1 The problems you identified as specific areas – also include 2-3 specific situations displaying the problem in your reality
2 The symptoms that you think the problem creates, i.e. how the problem negatively affects you today
3 The goal – what the change looks like in detail, as well as 2-3 sub-goals
4 Goal accomplishment – how to measure the goal and the sub-goals
5 The timeline – when the goal and each sub-goal should be accomplished

Set goals in each area by considering for each problem how your life will be and feel afterwards when the problem is processed, has disappeared or being handled in another way. Some problems such as specific diseases or other physical disorders cannot be completely eliminated, but it may be possible to find strategies for everyday life to work better, such as with different kinds of physical pains.

Remember to also check that the goal and the sub-goals are achievable/realistic as well as relevant/meaningful.


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