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Reflections, rest and celebration: Happiness

There has been much research into the field of happiness since it is close connected to perceived wellbeing. Professor Sonja Lyubomirsky, a renowned researcher within the field of happiness, claims that 40% of happiness can be influenced by the mind of a person!

Her main points are to include more of the following dimensions in your life:

1. Gratitude, focusing on the positives in your life, se earlier posts or under healthy routines on www.jennyrapp.com for inspiration on how to do this

2. Steering thoughts: Avoiding negative thoughts, se exercises posted under anxiety, and encourage positive thoughts with principles such as optimism, joy, helpfulness, forgiveness

3. Regular exercise, se posts under stress

4. Good social relationships, se upcoming posts

5. Good health care

6. Having a positive task, an important and meaningful contribution to society such as leadership in children activities, animal rights and protection, volunteer work etc.

7. Meditation, including certain yoga practices, mindfulness, see earlier posts etc.

Hence, happiness is not only about reflections and a frame of mind, a rare moment that accidentally happens, but possible to influence through actively performing specific activities on a regular basis.


1) Rate yourself on each of these dimensions:

– How often you perform activities within this field

– How satisfied you are with where you are on each of the dimensions

2) Identify 3 thing that you will try to include on both a daily and weekly basis and schedule time in your calendar, se upcoming post about how to change habits.

3) Rate your level of experienced happiness before and afterwards as well as during reflection hour, see earlier post

More about happiness research next week.

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