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How To Make You Less Vulnerable To Blows On Your Self-Esteem

Last weeks’ posts have been about how you directly can improve your self-esteem through getting to know yourself.
The posts have been about the importance of writing a daily diary about what you stand for, what matters to you, what you are experiencing, thinking and feeling as well as 3 small or big things that you have done well every day and which positive traits these situations mirror in you.
Last weeks’ posts were about the importance of making a specific list over your successes and achievements in order to get the habit of always acknowledging your successes.
This is very important since it helps us remembering who we are and what we come from.
Research shows that our achievements are both connected to self-confidence and self-esteem.
What is important is to make our achievements spread as widely as possible and have the criteria for success to be more generous, in order not to base how we value ourselves on only a few dimensions.
Instead, spread your interests and goals over diverse areas, such as for example hobbies, relationships, health, performance and other activities that also mirror your values and beliefs.
This will help you to ‘not put all eggs in the same basket’, i.e. spreading the risk of injuries to our self-esteem when we get set-backs such as when we only focus on for example work performance.
When you start to make a list over your successes, you will over time get amazed and a sense of security that you have achieved a lot and that your personal value cannot be reduced to a specific incident when things did not go as you wished or expected.
More about what you can do about this and increase your self-esteem next week.
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