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Important Techniques For Reducing Strong Anxiety & Feelings

Today’s post continues with strategies for reducing stronger anxiety and strong emotions as well. Try this:

1.Notice that you have anxiety or a specific feeling by naming it

2.Identify where you notice the anxiety or the feeling in the body and how strong it is on a scale 1 = barely noticeable to 10 = maximum level

If the anxiety or feeling is 8 or above – breathe slowly with your stomach – try to prolong breathing out and maintain focus on the symptoms in the body since this will most likely reduce the intensity of the symptoms

3.Connect the symptoms with the reason why you are having anxiety – what you were talking about – what you are fearing – who are involved in creating this reaction

4.Identify what the anxiety or feeling motivates you to do

5.Consider alternative actions and explanations

For example:

I feel really anxious, level 8, my whole body is trembling, my pulse and heart is racing, my throat is tight and my gut is about to turn inside out… likely I am also scared level 9
[refocus on breathing 10 times slowly…]

…I got this reaction because I think got these roses from a person who scares me. I have to make sure to lock the door and be apprehensive until I understand if it was he who sent them. Can’t he realise that I am not interested? But, hey, it might be flowers from someone in the family – maybe I should text them to find out…

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