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The 2 First Steps Of 4 In An ACT Exercise To Handle Unexpected Crises

The aim of ACT exercises is to:
– Stop avoiding, denying and struggling with inner emotions and uncomfortable thoughts, but instead expect them to return and accept them as appropriate responses to certain, often unavoidable, situations.
– Make necessary changes and keep moving towards what is important and enriching in our lives regardless of unavoidable accidents, obstacles or losses in our lives.
Crises and other negative unexpected events such as losing close ones, losing a job, getting assets destroyed, are a part of life, but something we often are ill-prepared to handle.
Today’s post is about the 2 first steps of 4 about what to do in a crisis, adopted from an exercise with the same name from Russ Harris, 2009,
A crisis often trigger emotional storms with a turmoil of painful thoughts and feelings. Then you can use the STOP exercise based on mindfulness to take you through the rough times:
Slow your breathing to anchor yourself in the present – Take a few deep breaths and mindfully observe the breath flowing in and flowing out. Notice where you can feel your breathing the most.
Take a note of your experience in this moment by being an observer:
– Notice what you are thinking.
– Notice what you are feeling.
– Notice what you are doing.
– Notice how your thoughts and feelings are swirling around and can easily carry you away if you allow them.
More about this ACT-exercise next week.
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