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About the Importance Of Noticing The Level Of Well-being As A 1st Step In Handling Anxiety

In cognitive behavioural therapy, CBT, the common view is that anxiety is triggered by anxiety inducing thoughts concerning various fears.

In the following posts I will go through the usual steps for treating this.

A common first step in traditional CBT is to become aware of how you are doing, your level of well-being at that moment, what you are thinking and how you are feeling at a given time.

If you want to improve your ability to be aware of this, you can try this exercise:

Try for one week to note down 3 times a day: morning, lunch, evening, what you are doing and how you rate your mental health/well-being on scale 1= worst possible state (if very low or around 5 for several days then seek local professional help immediately) to 10= best possible state at that time.

You will be able to use this information in the exercise for Thursday next week.

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