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Reflections, rest and celebration: Some More Happiness Research

There has been much research into the field of happiness since it is closely connected to perceived wellbeing. There are correlational findings about human happiness identified by psychologist Martin Seligman, one of the thought leaders within the field of positive psychology. He proposes the following 5 dimensions:

1. The importance of pleasures in daily life such as tasty foods, creative activities such as music and crafts, warm baths and other self-care activities see earlier posts for suggestions

2. Engagement/experiencing flow moments when one gets absorbed in an enjoyed AND challenging activity, see upcoming post

3. Nurturing social relationships, see upcoming posts

4. Meaning – that is having a quest, belonging to a bigger community, similar to point 6 from last week but more of a value driven conviction, altruistic and/or religious nature

5. Accomplishments – having realized tangible goals, for inspiration see posts under self-esteem about the importance of self-efficacy and healthy routines on www.jennyrapp.com

Hence, happiness is not only about reflections and a frame of mind, a rare moment that accidentally happens, but possible to influence through actively performing specific activities on a regular basis.

Challenge: Just as last week, rate yourself on each of these additional dimensions by two measures:

– How often you perform activities within this field

– How satisfied you are with where you are on each of the dimensions

– Identify how you want to include the dimensions on both a daily and weekly basis and schedule time in your calendar, see upcoming post about how to change habits

– Rate your level of experienced happiness before and after the activity as well as during reflection hour, see earlier posts.

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