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Life goals – The extended time line

Last week I introduced the timeline, a tool that per ce can bring much clarity to why you feel the way you do, why you are where you are today as well as what has to change to get back what you miss.

This week we will work on it some more. This since it is important to include in your timeline all major changes in your life, good or bad. Surprisingly often, almost daily, I meet people who have not connected the dots in front of them. This is because it is difficult and that we maybe do not know about the importance of looking for on-sets. But there are always triggers in your surroundings. Your reactions are likely the consequence of a change. Connecting the dots gives a lot of relief and clarity and also understanding of one’s needs, hence points to a desired direction.

Often there are important changes in circumstances that both can be perceived as negative and/or positive, such as own or other’s conflicts, illnesses, diseases, losses – even pets, traumatic and violent events including bullying, relocations: moving, changing jobs or responsibilities, boss, school etc. that are difficult to adapt to and that influence our wellbeing.

It can also be changes in roles – own roles or the role of an important person creating bad moods and problems like parents, siblings, partners, children, relatives or close friends such as meeting or loosing someone special, family conflicts, changes in close family relationships, graduating, getting engaged, married, divorced, becoming a parent etc. even if the change is not bad per se or even could have brought something positive that we ‘should’ appreciate, but for one reason or another it has been difficult to adapt to. Write it down in your timeline even if you right now do not see any direct connections.

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