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Life goals – Important questions to your time line

Last week we worked with the timeline. This week we will analyze it for a last time.

Take a few minutes and take in your timeline. How does it feel? Can you some unexpected coincidences? Now, ask the following questions: What had changed at the time you have a low and high mark respectively? Did your start or stop doing something important as a consequence – did your daily routines change in some way? Did something happen to a close one that had an impact on your life?

If your problems/symptoms are not already listed in your timeline, then mark when they started and see what happened at that time in your life. What did your life look like then? What happened just before? What was going on in your life? How did you experience your important close relationships, such as partner, parents, siblings, friends, colleagues, children, others? What changes took place – for certain, there will be, but if your problems have been with you from a young age they can have more to do with how you have been treated, such as attachment experiences, psychological abandonment or other traumatic experiences. But be sure, there is always a reason for psychological symptoms and changes in wellbeing, even if difficult to find at first.

Let’s take one step back: You may right now feel that you can see connections more clearly – or the opposite – that you have gotten even more questions, but no answers, and are even more confused?
Be patient, this is a new way of thinking that takes time to learn and understand – to connect your symptoms with life circumstances.

To summarise, we have begun to uncover the path behind you that contributed to and affected the symptoms and related issues you have today. In next posts we will look at the future and possible life goals.

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