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Stress – Minimize Stress Sources Part 2 – At Work

This post continues on the theme minimize stress sources and their intensity as well as the amount of new stress that is added per time unit. The last post gave tip when it comes to stress sources at home. Today we look into stress sources at work or other locations outside of home:
1) Do only one thing at a time. If easily stressed, schedule a fixed start and stop time and do not look at the rest of the to-dos in advance
2) Avoid short or unrealistic deadlines – include buffer time for surprises and flag in good time

3) Let your manager reprioritize. If you have a manager or work in a culture that is inhuman in demands, consider changing job since one person is not sufficient to change a culture or a manger, that has to come from within and takes time. To be healthy long run it is critical to be a part of a healthy system, even if it can take some time to get there

4) When focusing/concentrating, reduce the amount of ad hoc interruptions to maximize productivity – remember, tasks take some time to get into and every interruption repeats this:
1. Sit undisturbed or as shielded from stimuli/sight as possible

2.Have predetermined meeting, discussion and telephone timeslots for customers and colleagues

3. Schedule more demanding tasks at a time of the day when you are the most alert – often before noon

4. Take recurrent minibreaks, few minutes, every hour with a longer break after 3 sessions. Avoid back-to-back meetings, ensure an activity in between that has a slower pace

5. Check emails and messages max 2 times a day, turn off push signals

6. Avoid working from home if you find it difficult to separate work from free time or start working from home if you get more done at home

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