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Life goals – The Life Wheel

Now we will start looking forward to whom you would like to become and the life you desire to live.
After completing these exercises, we will look at how you can use your previous work with the problem list and timeline and incorporate them to ensure you get the right weights and prioritization to the different dimensions that you would like to change.

A first step is to identify which your important dimensions are based both on what your life looks like right now and which areas in your life you would like to prioritize, i.e. your dimensions.

A common tool in this assignment is drawing 10 circles like a dart board. There are many versions of this exercise. I use an adjusted version of the life wheel used in coaching. Here the scale is the following: the centre of the dart board, i.e. the bull’s eye = 0 = lowest score possible: you give your life in this dimension no single point/grade, i.e. this lacks completely in your life to 10 = Top score: Your life is completely as you would like it to be in this dimension.

Then you draw diagonal lines over the circles through the centre so that it becomes a cake with slices. The labels of the slices can be:
1 Mental health
2 Physical health
3 Financial situation
4 Work/Studies/Occupation
5 Leisure time/hobbies
6 Partner/intimate relationship
7 Children/parents
8 Other relatives and friends
9 Personal development
10 Life mission/goals
To be continued in next post, where I also will display an illustrative example.

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