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Life Goals: Identifying Focus Areas

Mondays’ posts aim to inspire you to take control of the direction of your life, one step at a time. It will take several posts because it is easier said than done. We can’t change everything at the same time and change takes time. But we can find a direction to move towards, which slowly but surely aids us to automatically refocus our activities and small decisions in everyday life, which then will pull in the same direction.

This week’s exercise is about finding out what you would like to change by first identifying the problems to be solved. When we define the problems correctly, the solutions are often visible and fairly given. It is easier for us to aim at the most apparent symptom, which of course can provide relief for the moment. And it is common not realizing causes and effects. Why is that a problem? If the problems are solved at the wrong level, it is likely that the symptoms will come back in other areas or in other situations.

As a first step, let’s look at the apparent problems you would like to change, solve or manage?
Is it about: An inner critical voice? low self-esteem?
Busy doing things for others and having too little time for your own life?
Symptoms like stress, insomnia, rumination, anxiety, sadness, fear, health problems, loneliness, lack of hobbies? Dissatisfaction with work, career, decisions, behaviors or relationships?

Now study your list. See if you can group your problems into themes, by relatedness or cause:
Your inner life such as your mood, feelings or thoughts?
Difficulties speaking up for yourself?
Your routines?

I suggest you share your list with a trusted other to see if there are other things that you have missed, other connections or even root-causes.

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