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Mindfulness: The Breathing Anchor Exercise Part 5 of 5

Here comes the last of five parts of the breathing anchor, a seated exercise using the breath as an anchoring point of in total 5-10 minutes depending on pauses/pacing:

…Notice when your mind has wandered. Observing the types of thoughts that distract you is an important part of the learning. Try to notice the content quietly for yourself with a label such as thinking, dreaming, planning, worrying or whatever it may be without being judgmental or critical of yourself.

Through practicing this you can strengthen your ability to detach from thoughts and mindfully refocus your awareness back onto your breath.
As this practice comes to an end, notice your entire body and then the room you are in. Become aware of your entire body where you sit – and see if you can bring this attention into the next activity you will do. Your breath is always with you as a refocusing tool to bring you back to the present moment.

Set your intention to use this practice throughout your day, repeatedly refocusing your attention to your breathing pattern as it is as well as labelling the content of your thoughts. This will help you cultivate and strengthen your attention, being mindfully present in the moment, as well as the ability to detach from and instead observe what you are experiencing.

When you’re ready, open your eyes and be aware of the noises around you, how the light falls and shifts.
Next week is about more suggestions of how to be mindful during daily activities.

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