Use SMART Goalsetting – About The Importance Of Making Goals Achievable

The posts last week are about the SMART model for formulating achievable and motivating goals. The SMART model stands for 5 important characteristics of effective goalsetting: Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Time Limited. Here is the third – Achievable: 3 The goal should be achievable. When it comes to ‘the better sleep’ example, this excludes goals […]

Handle Anxiety Provoking & Worrisome Thoughts By Scrutinizing The Proofs

This post continues with what to do during the worry hour, more specifically about what to do with unproductive thoughts. Unproductive thoughts are those that you have very little control over or which are very unlikely. You can choose among several strategies. Today is about analysing the proofs. Stretegy 2: List the likelihood and evidence […]