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Extroversion – The 3d Of The 5 Evidence Based Personality Traits

Last weeks’ post have been about the five basic dimensions of personality, often referred to as the Big 5 personality traits that serve as the building blocks of personality.
These 5 personality dimensions can help us learn more about ourselves and help us decide where to focus our energy and attention, both when it comes to strengths and development areas.
The big five are mirrored by the acronym OCEAN:
Openness to experience
Extroversion is characterized by being easily excited, social, talkative, assertive and emotional expressive.
People who are high in extroversion are outgoing and enjoy social situations which make them feel energized and excited.
People who are low in extroversion, i.e. introverted, tend to be more reserved and find social settings demanding since these settings drain their energy. Introverts often need quiet time alone to feel restored.
– Enjoys being the center of attention
– Likes to start conversations
– Enjoys meeting new people
– Has a wide social network
– Finds it easy to make new friends
– Feels energized when around other people
– Says things before thinking
– Can be perceived as shallow and inattentive
– Prefers solitude
– Is a good ovserver and listener
– Is attentive to the reactions and needs of others
– Easily feels exhausted when having to socialize
– Finds it difficult to start conversations
– Dislikes small talking
– Prefers deeper relationships
– Carefully thinks things through before speaking
– Dislikes being the center of attention
More about the five main personality traits next week.
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