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The Importance of Feelings – Feelings Diary

Feelings are innate with the purpose to be our best compass needles describing to us how we are doing and what we need/do not need. They can also be exaggerated when based on a somewhat distorted perspective of reality – such as fear in phobias.

Many of us benefit from paying more attention to our feelings and connected thoughts. Try this: add to your diary as of Thursday’s exercise and try to notice at the same 3 times a day: morning, midday and evening, maybe in connection to meals:

1. what feelings you are feeling, try to find at least three

2. how strong each feeling is on a scale 1 = barely noticeable to 10 = extremely strong.

Common feelings to be aware of since they have strong impact on our wellbeing are: harmony/joy/love/happiness, sadness, irritation/anger, fear, shame, guilt, interest/curiosity/excitement.

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