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Life goals: The SMART Model

Life goals: Up until now we have looked at your problems, the likely root causes as well as the dimensions of your current life that you would like to focus on. Now it is time to start formulate actual goals to get a desired direction.
A useful tool for this is the SMART model. This stands for 5 important characteristics of goalsetting: Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Time Limited, to help you set and achieve motivating goals. Here are the first 2:

1. Specific: Goals should be concrete and reflect how life will be when you have reached your goal. The goal better sleep is a start, but feeling rested is even more concrete because it describes an experience and is easier to compare. Remember to use use active words that indicate a direction for your desired state.

2. Measurable: Goals must be measurable for you to know that you are moving in the right direction and to assess when the goal is achieved. Possible dimensions are time such as how often: per day or week etc. or a scale of satisfaction. What can be measured or quantified is easier to implement. To the goal wake-up rested, one can add: at least 5 of the nights in a week, measured with a scale of sleep quality at 0-10 where 0 = not at all and there 10 = fully rested, i.e. here: wake-up rested, a minimum rating of 6 on average, at least 5 of the nights in a week.

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