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Life Goals: Self-affirmations

Before diving into the possible changes you would like to make and new directions you would like to explore, I suggest you reflect over and honour yourself for what you already have accomplished over the last period and who you have become during the last year or two since this will set a positive tone.

Try to find at least 20 posts. This can be traits you have shown, goals you have reached, positive changes you have made, boundaries you have learnt to set, development of new insights, values, perspectives, people you have helped, memories and special moments you have created, things you have done well the last year.

Another reason why this is important is again what I mentioned Friday, i.e. the importance of positive self affirmations – focusing on what you already have and accomplishments already made, which also will make you less defensive and hence more open to feedback and change – and to creativity in what else you would like to accomplish.

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