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How To Handle Productive Thoughts During The Worry Hour In Order To Reduce Anxiety

Today’s post continues with how to use the worry hour in order to reduce anxiety as well as get more positive feelings, less intense negative feelings and more adaptive behavioural responses.

Use traditional problem solving for the productive/useful thoughts:

Think of your possible solutions, including actions that needs to be taken by you and weigh them against each other to get a prioritized action plan.

Note, productive thoughts/themes are only productive if you are under 8 in stress level since you then have access to your brain’s problem-solving abilities.

If your stress or emotional level is above 8 – do the techniques in earlier stress post to bring you down to a level where you can listen and talk to yourself.

Also, remember that the thought is only productive until you have decided on an action. After that it is unproductive again until you have gotten new information or there are some other developments over time.

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