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What To Do During The Worry Hour To Actively Handle Anxiety

Today’s post continues with how to use the worry hour in order to reduce anxiety as well as get more positive feelings, less intense negative feelings and more adaptive behavioural responses.

This post continues with what to do during the worry hour, more specifically how to analyse your thoughts.

During the worry hour write down for every theme:

  • what is the theme
  • what the disturbing thought, the what if
  • the result/catastrophe that you fear
  • if the catastrophical thought is productive ( = likely AND a possible action can be taken) or unproductive ( 3 unlikely OR impossible to influence)
  • what activity you should plan if the theme is productive or let go if the theme is unproductive
  • how much time you spent on the theme in total
  • how you manage to get out of the thought
  • how you feel after the thought/theme have left you.

More about the worry hour next week

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