Stress: More About the 3d Building Block of Stress Management: Use Stress Management Habits

This post is continuing about the third of the 3 important building blocks of stress management: Use stress management habits.

3) Burn/reduce stress that has built up in your body and build your long term stress endurance/resistance:

– Take daily 30 minutes walks in daylight, before noon if possible. In addition to lifting your general mood, stress hormones current in the body will be reduced, the number of new neurons/brain cells produced increases – replacing those destroyed by stress, and improves sleep quality which is vitally important for the brain and body to recover. It is during sleep the body and brain get cleaned as well as learning and memory processed and integrated on a deeper level

– Exercise: Build muscles and cardio/endurance. Both aerobic and anaerobic exercises have shown benefits with regard to improved long run stress resistance and recovery

– Challenge your brain with a somewhat demanding and fun activity like sudoku, crosswords, chess, card games, puzzle etc. This stimulates other parts of the brain, creating more balance – use it or lose it…

– Entertain your brain with an ‘unnecessary’ pleasurable and fun activity daily for at least 15 minutes, preferably 1 hour, which can lift your mood and self-image, change your perspectives and priorities as well as improve general life satisfaction

Next week I will continue with writing about exhaustion – what happens if you do not get stress under control.

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