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Mindfulness: Body-scan part 4/4

Here comes the last parts of the body-scan exercise, in total 10 minutes long. This is the essence/instructional parts of one version of the 3 major meditations within mindfulness. The body-scan usually lasts over 45 minutes with long parts of silence. In my research I have found that even this shorter version, together with 2 other exercises to be posted next, done daily for one month can improve the ability to be more mindful which in turn can reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, worry and rumination but also increase psychological wellbeing and life satisfaction at large:

… Now let the body disappear in the background. Move your consciousness from your breathing and instead become aware of your thoughts, plans, pictures, dreams, feelings that come and go … Sometimes a little while, sometimes a longer moment … See if it’s possible to just let whatever that is in your mind just come and go, like clouds that pass over the sky, without doing anything about them … When your thoughts wander away, pay careful attention to your breathing. In this way you practice your ability to be aware of here and now, over and over again … Sometimes your thoughts have an emotional charge or perhaps make you feel unwell, like sadness, irritation or anger. See if it is possible to stop and just observe the thoughts and feelings as they are. Do not react, do not enter into the feelings or thoughts. Instead try to accept them as they are, for the distance and finally just let them go …

stop – observe – accept and let go

… Your breathing is always with you and leads you back to the present. It helps you accept everything as it is …

You can finish this exercise by opening your eyes and becoming aware of all the stimuli that surround you, changing lights and sounds … Become aware of your entire body where you are and see if you can take this consciousness into everyday life – it is as close to you as your breathing.

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