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The 3d Step in CBT: Challenge Your Anxiety Provoking Thoughts

In Cognitive behavioural therapy, CBT, the common view is that anxiety is triggered by thoughts concerning various fears.

The 3d step in traditional CBT is about creating an alternative response to your thoughts in previous exercises, which in turn more likely can create other, more positive and/or less intense feelings as well as other more adaptive behavioural responses.

This is vitally important!!! This since thoughts are just constructions and sometimes not true or even likely, in opposition to sensory stimuli or feelings which you should trust since they often help you to orient=survive you in your daily life: “I have to step aside from that pole…”

“There is a crossing…”

“I am hungry…”

“That car drove scaringly close…” etc.

Thoughts are just constructions of the mind They are one, but only one, possible explanation of many = not the truth!

Read this again: Thoughts are not per se true, but just a version of the truth. If you really get this, it will most likely change your life!

To identify alternative thoughts and hence liberate you of the conviction that there is just one truth, think about: -Is there another possible explanation: i.e. what are the proofs supporting your thoughts?

Are there any possible proofs against your beliefs for your thought of the situation supporting a more positive interpretation (regardless whether you believe them or not)? Next week we will continue on how to improve your self-esteem already today.

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