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The 2d Step In Cognitive Therapy – Identify The Trigger

In Cognitive behavioural therapy, CBT, the common view is that anxiety is triggered by anxiety inducing thoughts concerning various fears.

The second step in traditional CBT is to be aware of your thoughts and the feelings they contribute to as well as what situation that triggered them.

A trigger is something that happened and/or something somebody said/did which make you react with thoughts and feelings that reinforce each other making you create a response.

Common responses are: talk back, walk away, ruminate, withdraw, mourn, cry, blame yourself, criticize yourself etc.

Go back to your diary over your activities and mental state for the last week or/and create another one for the coming week.

Look at the diary where you rate your mental state high (above 7) and low (below 5) on the scale 1 to 10 and see if you can understand them better by using this formula:

Trigger: this happened…

Thoughts: the situation made me think…

Feelings: the situation and thoughts made me feel…

Response: this made me react by…

Next week we will continue by looking at how you can use this information to improve your well-being.

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