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Self-esteem: How unexpected life events can harm us (1 minute read)

This post “Self-esteem: How unexpected life events can harm us” continues with how you can increase your self-esteem by paying attention to your feelings.


Self-esteem: How unexpected life events can harm us:

Feelings correspond to behavioural and motivational impulses that are important for our survival and for signaling our human needs to us.

As previously mentioned, Panksepp has based on research identified three types of major emotional systems with different functions:

1 The dominating ‘threat and self-protection’-system to fight for survival

2 The stimuli and resource-seeking, ‘drive-excitement’-system

3 The ‘contentment and safeness’-system to recover

The threat system has been activated in many cases of stress and exhaustion. Then we are often far from remembering our strengths and achievements, which are important for maintaing a solid self-esteem.

The threat system is often the main cause of stress. It is activated when we among other things encounter unexpected and challenging life events, such as worrying about health, losing a job or a partner, having difficulties with living up to high expectations from others etc.

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Self-esteem: How unexpected life events can harm us
Self-esteem: How unexpected life events can harm us

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