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I am a Swedish licensed psychologist, psychotherapist & specialist psychologist in treatment within all 3 main therapeutic treatment fields: cognitive behavioral psychotherapy, CBT, interpersonal psychotherapy, IPT & psychodynamic psychotherapy, PDT

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There are many anxiety inducing patterns often called cognitive distortions or thought traps. These are ways of thinking that seem true but are in fact not reasonable, realistic or relevant to the situation.

Noticing when we are using thought traps and countering them is an important part of traditional CBT-treatment that also often reduce symptoms of anxiety.

A cognitive distortion is active in our minds when we experience an upsetting event and we think about it in those ways.

This post Effective change comes from within continues with how to improve your self-esteem by making changes in your life. Last posts have been about how to improve the chances of reaching your goals.

Often when a person comes to therapy, it is someone else who thinks the person needs to change: the employer, a spouse or the referring doctor.

That is not going to be enough to make lasting changes, since effective personal change has to come from within.

Last posts were about the importance of expecting changes and making adjustments to achieve your goals when unexpected events occur.

At the same time, stress or difficult events that affect you should not be used as an excuse for not taking responsibility for your life and your future.

This post is about the importance of making necessary changes to feel better. The logic is: If you want to feel differently, you have to start doing something differently.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, you cannot get rid of anxiety, since it is a part of the body’s survival system.

Anxiety is triggered by earlier learning situations that was frightening to you. What you can do is learn how to manage anxiety so that anxiety does not prevent you from living the life that you want.

Contact a local therapist for more help in your specific case.

The most important action to take to be able to increase your self-esteem is to focus on getting to know yourself. Both what thoughts you are having and the positive traits you have.

Then learn how to talk to yourself in a respectful way.

You learn to stand up for yourself by working on improving your self-awareness and self-esteem.

It is of major importance to hear your feelings since they tell you what your needs and desires are. 

The most Popular Courses

The most popular courses will help you increase self-esteem, manage stress and develop mutual relationships

This course helps you in finding your inner core, desires, voice and values, with a focus on strengthening your self-esteem.

The course will help you feel more secure.

It will also help you become better at creating and maintaining sound boundaries and getting mutually rewarding relationships.

This course gives you effective stress management tools and strategies, an understanding of causes behind stress as well as sound routines for handling stress in daily life. 

The aim is to get a long-term healthy balance between activity and recovery while maitaining a focus on your important goals.

This course helps you understand your inner compass and its 4 important pools: your history, your goals, your feelings, needs and desires and the influence of your close ones.

The aim is to find your balance in everyday life based on your important values so that you live a more free life based on your deliberate choices.

What Great Thinkers Said

Quotes from great thinkers give inspiration, focus and direction

"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."
Walt Disney
"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant."
Robert Louis Stevenson

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