Understand Your Timeline To Set New Meaningful Goals

Today’s post continues with the aim to inspire you to take control of the direction of your life.

Last weeks’ posts were about detailing your problems further by grouping them and look for patterns. Sometimes professional help is needed to understand this.

The basic idea is that we are smart beings that adapt to our surroundings to survive, both physically and psychologically.

Hence, symptoms and problems have often arisen in early years as ways of defending or protecting us against a situation with the capacities and understanding we then had, but now have other, unwanted consequences.

To identify a meaningful and motivating future direction it is helpful to know your starting point. That is why we in earlier posts have looked deeper into your current problems.

Today we will start looking at your past. This can help you evaluate which areas you want to set new goals within.

A concrete tool that you can use to understand what may need to change in your life on a deeper level is the timeline.

Exploring one’s history is often used within therapy to identify important patterns and/or focus areas.

Mapping out one’s background has been shown to have a calming and enriching impact on psychological well-being.

However, if you know that you are suffering from trauma or feeling very resistant to this exercise, you should not do this by yourself, but together with a licensed therapist.

Do not worry if you do not get any insights, your understanding will develop over time in exercises to come.

More about this exercise next week.

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