The Importance Of Finding The Root Causes Behind Problems And Goals

Today’s post continues with the aim to inspire you to take control over the direction of your life.

Last weeks’ posts were about detailing your problems further.

This week’s challenge is to continue to dig a little deeper for the root cause of each problem in the list you did with the aim to look after patterns. Sometimes professional help is needed to understand this.

The basic idea is that we are smart beings that adapt to our surroundings to survive, both physically and psychologically. Hence, symptoms and problems have often arisen as ways of defending or protecting us against a situation with the capacities and understanding we then had, but now they do no longer work or have other, unwanted consequences.

Start this exercise by grouping the problems into themes such as relationship issues, stress issues, self-esteem issues, health issues etc.

Common root causes to consider are:

What feelings do you have that you want to understand or change? Sadness? Frustration/anger? Shame? Fear?

Or do you just want more joy, desire or inspiration in your life?

Then ask yourself:

How did you get here?

When did the problem start?

What happened in your life right before this?

Do not worry if you did not get any insights, your understanding will develop over time in exercises to come, aiming to find a deeper, exciting and more meaningful direction.

Next week I am going to share a concrete tool that can help you understand your root causes.

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