Mirror yourself to increase your self-esteem (1 minute read)

This post continues with how you can feel better during this crisis. Here the focus is on developing both your self-esteem and your self-confidence. The latest posts have been about how you can use mirroring to enhance your self-esteem by reading your positive traits aloud to yourself. 


Mirror yourself to increase your self-esteem

You can activate the mirror neurons in your brain yourself. These neurons are important for learning and understanding . Therefore, they are also very important for the development of your identity. They are also the basis for empathy – the ability to empathize with others, to put ourselves in the shoes of others. 


How to mirror yourself:

One way to do this is to read your 10 positive traits aloud while you are looking yourself in the eyes.

You can do this in the phone’s selfie mode or in a regular mirror.

I suggest you do this as a daily exercise until you no longer feel any negative emotions while doing the task.

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