How You Can Shield Yourself At Work & Reduce Exposure To Stressful Stimuli

Here continues a summary of my posts on how to recover as quickly as possible from stress and exhaustion.

In my daily work with people who have sought help for problems with stress and fatigue, I have been able to distinguish 3 building blocks in stress management:

1) Regulate your stress level, se techniques in earlier post

2) Handle stress sources

3) Use stress management habits

When it comes to the second building block, handle stress sources, there are several important areas:

-Self-image and values

-Thoughts & Pacing

-At Home

-At Work



Today the post continues with how you can manage stress sources at work.

It is important to try to shield off stimuli that otherwise disturb and steal energy.

Try to sit as isolated as possible – preferably have a closed door or in the corner of an office landscape, if you do not have the opportunity to sit secluded. Headphones or earplugs can also help.

Agree on specific times and ways with your colleagues and managers regarding when and how you coordinate most effectively. Avoid being disturbed at other times.

Turn off push notifications and signals. Instead, have certain times when you check email and messages. Keep in mind that every interruption will most likely get you off track and it will take much longer than you think, up to half an hour!, to get back to where you were before in your thoughts.

More about how to handle stress and exhaustion next week.

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