Handle stress at work by planning striped work days

Here continues a summary of my posts on how to recover as quickly as possible from stress and exhaustion.

In my daily work with people who have sought help for problems with stress and fatigue, I have been able to distinguish 3 building blocks in stress management:
1) Regulate your stress level, se techniques in earlier post
2) Handle stress sources
3) Use stress management habits

When it comes to the second building block, handle stress sources, there are several important areas:
-Self-image and values
-Thoughts & Pacing
-At Home
-At Work

Today the post continues with how you can manage stress sources at work.

Try to plan striped workdays, that is, to systematically vary more demanding tasks with easier work tasks during the day based on when you are more awake and tired respectively.

Be especially careful about at what time during the day you can attend meetings. Early or late is usually not appropriate.

Also, avoid having meetings back to back.

If you already have symptoms of stress injuries, it may be wise to only do tougher work for only 1-2 hours at a time. Allow yourself to postpone demanding work tasks when you are tired until the next day.

It can also be helpful with frequent breaks where you focus on slow breathing and maybe take a walk at lunch if you often feel winded-up.

More about how to handle stress and exhaustion next week.

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