An Exercise About Personal Values in Acceptance & ACT

Acceptance and commitment-therapy, ACT, is one of two major parallel developments from the mindfulness movement.

The aim of the exercises is to stop avoiding, denying and struggling with inner emotions and uncomfortable thoughts, but instead accept these as appropriate responses to certain, often unavoidable, situations.

ACT focuses on that we have to make necessary changes and keep moving towards what is important in our lives regardless of accidents, obstacles or losses in our life that is a part of being human.

Here is an adapted version of the Life Compass exercise by Russ adapted from Dahl & Lundgren. It includes some important questions with regard to some possible important domains in one’s life: 1 Parenting, 2 Personal growth, 3 Leisure, 4 Spirituality, 5 Health, 6 Work, 7 Community and environment, 8 Family relationships, 9 Intimate relationships, 10 Social relationships

The dimensions I suggest are: 1 Mental health, 2 Physical health, 3 Financial situation, 4 Work/Studies/Occupation, 5 Leisure time/hobbies, 6 Partner/intimate relationship, 7 Children/parents, 8 Other relatives and friends, 9 Personal development, 10 Life mission/goals

Choose to ask the questions below for each of the relevant 10 dimensions you choose for your life:

What sort of person do you want to be?

What sort of personal strengths and qualities do you want to cultivate?

What you want to stand for?

What do you want to do?

How do you ideally want to behave?

More about ACT and this exercise next week.

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