About the Importance To Take Time To Align Desires & Goals With Priorities & Activities

Last week the theme was about the importance of writing a daily diary.

It is also very important to listen to your inner voice with the purpose to regularly re-evaluate if your valued goals are aligned, and if so, to ensure that your daily priorities and activities support them.

Sunday can be the day for reflection when you can make a summary of all the writing and the insights that you have generated during the week.

This you can later connect to your future actions in your updated life goals that we are about to develop on Mondays.

In your Sunday ritual you can also schedule activities to honour yourself, maybe two kinds, with the purpose to take care of both your body and mind, since both are trying to serve you to the best of their ability every day in your life.

Sundays could also include reflection themes such as:

How do I feel about where I am today in my life?

What do I have that I am grateful for and that I want to celebrate?

What have I done well/accomplished this week that I want to honour?

What are the most important insights this week?

Hence, what do I want to do differently going forward and how?

I will honour my body today by doing…

I will honour my mind today by doing…


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