How To Write A Diary To Increase Your Well-Being & Health

Writing a diary by hand can help you get to know yourself, your preferences and needs

It can help you in getting perspective, new insights, access to your inner creativity and problem-solving, increase your wellbeing and help you heal.

Try to write 3 pages in a normal size journal by hand for one month and you will most likely feel that you have reconnected to yourself on a deeper level.

You will have the best effect if you write in the morning immediately after waking up since you then are the closest to your dreams.

You will be more likely to write about your feelings, dreams and wishes, instead of reporting you day and related incidents.


As you write, do not censor yourself, ignore critical comments from your inner voice, grammar etc. Just keep going without lifting your pen.

Always finish the exercise by naming:

  • 3 things you are proud of and what positive traits of yours that you used in your accomplishments
  • 3 things you are grateful of

Common benefits of the latter are better sleep, fewer negative psychological symptoms and more experiences of happiness, harmony and joy.

More about the importance of gratitude in a later post.


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